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What Vava'u has to offer

Vava'u waters

Vava'u Tonga

Vava'u Group of Islands Tonga is undoubtedly the best sport fishing and big game fishing destination in the South Pacific. The Vava’u Group is the most northern group of Tonga and it is renowned for its encircling reefs creating a sheltered cruising ground for sea travellers. Fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling at the breeding ground for the majestic Humpback whales and a world class sport fishing playground. Tongan waters are offering unexploited fisheries and the variety and consistency of fishing. 

In the waters

Snorkelling Vava'u


You can also experience at first-hand a rich and diverse culture, relax on white sandy beaches or enjoying your favourite recreational adventure and knowing you are in a safe and friendly place.

All year around snorkelling and diving with exceptional visibility that is the envy of all other Pacific nations. There are a number of excellent underwater caves in these waters that have rarely seen, why not discover them? 


T&G Marlin


Day charters can be taken out of Neiafu and both experienced and novice anglers can try their hand, with marlin, sailfish, barracuda, tuna, giant trevally and Wahoo all there for the taking.


Whales in Vava'u

From June to November, large numbers of whales arrive in these calm, safe waters to mate and have their calves. There are organised whale watching tours available and this is as close to these colossal mammals as you will get anywhere in the World


Neiafu, Vava'u

Neiafu makes an affordable base to explore the islands on a day tour and there are several good places to stay to suit all budget. 


Yachts in Vava'u

Vava’u is also a popular destination with international yachties because of its protected harbour and scenic anchorages. Yacht races are popular on every Friday during the winter season. Moorings are available from several private operators.

Wining and Dining

Wining and Dining in Vava'u

Wining and dining is a delight as cafes and restaurants are usually having spectacular views of the main harbour. There is a choice of dining at several independently owned restaurants, cafes and snack bars in and around Neiafu. On most days somewhere throughout the Vava'u group there is usually a family run authentic feast. A visit wouldn't be complete without attending at least one feast where you sit on mats and tuck into roast suckling pig, octopus, clams, fish, lobster, papaya and watermelon while enjoying traditional dancing and song. 


Tonga Cultural Dance

The Tongan culture is still very much in tacked and you will see people wearing woven mats, making Tapa cloth, wood carving, drinking their traditional ‘Kava’, cooking in the ground and roasting pigs on the spit. The Tongan culture is proud, conservative and in-grained into every Tongan on the islands. 

Tongan Food

Ota Ika traditional Tongan Food

Tongan food is delightful, and consists mostly of root vegetables such as taro and sweet potato, coconut products, fresh fruit, roasted suckling pig, chicken, corned beef, fish and shellfish. The traditional Tongan feast gets cooked in an underground oven, umu, common throughout Polynesia. 

The Climate

The climate of Vava'u is very pleasant all year around, slightly cooler and less humid than most islands in the South Pacific. From May through December the temperature is around 25°C (77F), humidity around 74%. Trade winds usually build in the afternoon to 12 - 15 knots. From December to April the temperature can claim up to 32°C (92F) and humidity level could reach 95%, although it is not typical. 

Check the weather forecast with Windguru. 

General Information


Electricity is 240 volts in Tonga and takes three pin plugs used in Australia and New Zealand

Emergencies 70699

Legal Drinking age is 18, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from midnight Saturday till midnight Sunday

Duty Free allowance for Tonga Overseas travellers of 2.25L of any alcoholic beverages, shop is in town

Post Office is located in central town

Telephone international country code is 676

Time is 13 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and Tonga is the first country to see the light of each day

Visas for 30 days is not required for most countries

Shopping in Vava'u is renowned for it's beautiful and high quality basket ware, best bone carvings and jewellery. There is a wide range of handicraft available in  the main market Monday to Saturday.

Currency of Tonga is Tongan Pa'anga (TOP), banks are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.00pm.

Sunday is a day of rest in Tonga devoted to church activities, all shops are closed. Some restaurants are open to cater for visiting people and for  local patrons. 

Travel Insurance is strongly recommended

Pharmacy bring your personal medication with you as supply in Vava'u is limeted 

Clothing travel light