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Fighting Lady

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Welcome to Vava'u, the fishing PARADISE of the South Pacific and the Jewell of Tonga

Fishing Vava'u


Vava'u Sport Fishing Charter offers:

  • World class fishing
  • Wide range of flexible charter options to suit most
  • Big Game fishing
  • Light tackle sport fishing
  • Family groups are welcome
  • We cater for individuals, fishing clubs and corporate social clubs (condition applies for children)
  • Your fishing trip can be planned to suit your target, experience and budget

On board Fighting Lady you'll have a friendly crew; they are experts  with the local habitats and Chris the Skipper: his passion and his  experience fishing in these waters.

Are you one of those city hermits who have not ventured out of the  metropolis for the past several months or even years? If you have not  been to other places for sometime, you should start planning for that  long overdue exotic holiday. Bring the family and have fun out on the  water. Do something exciting and challenging, and if you love fishing,  try Fighting Lady on a charter fishing trip, the most exotic place in  the South Pacific.

A fishing trip will not only let you relax and have some fun, it will  also put your fishing skills to a test. With our guidance you’ll be at  the best fishing spots in Vava’u and along the away, you can be sure to  get the prize catch of the day.

Vava'u, Tonga

Vava'u beach

We support Tag & Release


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